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I was putting off hiring a walker for my foster pitbull, Lucy, as she’s extremely strong and can be dog aggressive — I didn’t want to burden a walker with the responsibility. Justine and Wylie of Brooklyn Paws put my fears to rest as they were pit-savvy, responsible, and very caring (they had supported me in trying to locate an appropriate adopter for Lucy, so I knew they were dedicated and service-minded). Not only does Lucy LOVE Wylie and Justine, but she’s now enjoying incredible workouts thanks to the rollerblading runs she gets in the park!  There’s NO WAY I could possibly give her the amount of exercise she truly needs so Brooklyn Paws is the ultimate energy-release solution for us!  I also have two rescue cats which Lucy doesn’t care for, especially at mealtime.  After a home consultation with Brooklyn Paws, I’m confident that the boundary management issues between dog and cats will always be well-handled, and all animals lovingly treated.  I can now go to an all-day event worry-free, knowing everyone will get the care they need as if I never left home.  I cannot recommend Brooklyn Paws enough.  Not only are they great with animal care, they are also dedicated to local rescue efforts and demonstrate true love and kindness for our furry friends.  Brooklyn Paws, bless you for taking a huge weight off my shoulders and being a true friend to Lucy!

Froxy, Lucy's Owner.

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Brooklyn Paws are life savers, quite literally. I couldn’t have a happy, healthy dog — in the city especially — without the consistent and caring support of Justine and Mark. Justine has gone above and beyond, being in touch even at the last minute or on the weekend/at unusual hours and has been patient with schedule changes, illnesses and overnight care requests (of which there have been many!). I cannot say enough about how kind she is during life’s unpredictable moments, which I have truly appreciated. Her company is a big reason why I renewed my lease for at least another year! Meanwhile, Mark truly loves my little English Bulldog. My doormen regularly rave over him and how much genuine care he provides for her and the other dogs he sees regularly. He goes out of his way to care for her and flag is something seems a little off with her and takes great pains if she doesn’t want to walk that day (she’s a bulldog, sigh!). I never worry when Brooklyn Paws is taking care of my Maggy! In fact, my doormen urged me to switch to Brooklyn Paws a few years ago, and I’m so glad I did. I now tell others in my building and neighborhood because they are so wonderful for me and my pup. And, the daily picture text updates and occasional bits of advice when I have a question (I’m a “single, first time dog mom,” so the insights are welcomed!) are priceless!

Jessica, Maggy's Owner.

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Justine and her team are perfect. They do everything I would want my dog walker to do without me having to ask for it. Here are high-level reasons why my dog and I adore them: – They love my dog like I love my dog – Mark probably gives my dog more kisses and cuddles than I do! – They never miss a walk – They are always there, ready and willing to help if a last minute issue comes up – They try to do what is best for the dogs (my dog loves to walk with one dog in particular and they are doing everything they can to continue having them walk together even though there are timing conflicts) – They meet any requirements we have even bizarre high maintenance ones e.g. crating the pup if she destroyed anything in the house, refilling water bowl, giving her a Kong after the walk, informing us that we left our keys in the door and taking them inside for us etc…. – They always provide photo and text updates of today’s walk – They have online tools to allow for easy bill payment and scheduling – I am pretty sure Ru sometimes gets longer walks Our little Stevie Ru enjoys walks with Justine, Mark and the crew so much that we are stopping doggy daycare and going full time with Brooklyn Paws.

Nadia, Ru's Owner.

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Justine is fantastic. We have a rescue dog who is dog-aggressive, and she handles her wonderfully. Beyond that, she’s extremely responsive, often available at the last minute, friendly, and completely responsible. She (or another walker) will send you a photo of your dog during the walk, which is not only good confirmation that your pet’s needs have been taken care of, it serves as a nice little pick-me-up for those of us who are sitting in a cubicle from 9-5. I have nothing but positive comments. I’ve had many good dog walkers over the years, but Justine is a pro’s pro. Hire Brooklyn Paws.

Robert, Baby Girl's Owner.

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One of my first tasks upon moving to BK Heights was finding a dog walker for my 2-year old rescue dog, Raleigh. I was a little worried at first since I had such a good experience with my old walker in the UES, I figured it was only downhill from there…however Justine and Brooklyn Paws have proven me wrong! Since my dog’s initial meeting with Justine, she’s been nothing but kind and helpful. The day we scheduled Raleigh’s first meet and greet with Justine, my wallet was stolen. When she arrived for our appointment I was in a craze in my apartment trying to file a report with the police. In that moment, Justine offered to take Raleigh for a nice long walk so I could concentrate on the task at hand. I couldn’t be more appreciative! Raleigh has been walking with Justine and Ricky since February and her transition has been seamless. I get a photo and update every day at work. My schedule can be a bit erratic, yet Justine has always been able to accommodate last minute requests or cancellations. I can’t say enough good things about Brooklyn Paws. If you need a pet sitter/walker in the downtown BK area, look no further.

Jackie, Raleigh's Owner.

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I’ve been using Brooklyn Paws’ cat sitting services for almost two years now and could not recommend Justine and Mark more highly. They are always available for last minute requests, always flexible for last minute changes – and my cat, Ninja, always looks happy, well fed and loved when we come home. We travel a lot and for long periods, and Justine and Mark are so great at sending us daily updates and photos of our little cat. It’s the best peace of mind to always know that Ninja is going to be well taken care of when we’re away.

Jessica, Ninja's Owner.

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Mark and Justine are just the absolute best. They are so responsive and, best of all, they care about our pup just as much as we do! Our Boston Terrier Gertie loves Mark so much that when she sees him again after a vacation or break, she showers him with kisses and love. We had used another walking service prior to Paws and while they were pretty good, nothing can compare to the personal love and attention that our puppy gets through Paws. When Gertie was being housebroken, we needed a more flexible walking schedule to help get her on track. Mark and Justine were willing and able to make adjustments to help us out where other walkers were not. It was and continues to be a huge stress reliever. The daily texts are so great and we love the pictures that come with. It’s a great break in the day when we get them. All of my coworkers love it too and stop over to see the latest pics from Mark and Gertie’s adventures. I love knowing that our dog is in such great hands when we can’t be there ourselves. Paws is truly the best and I just cannot recommend Justine and Mark highly enough.

Kelsey, Gertie's Owner.

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Justine and the crew are FANTASTIC!  My Stella was always a happier pup after being walked during the day.  Especially in the summer months they made sure they took time to give her fresh water and make there was a fan on for her.  They taught Stella to get along well with others and she even made a few friends in the neighborhood.  Most importantly- they are SUPER accommodating.  I can’t count the number of times I asked for last minute walks because I had to work late/couldn’t get home in time.  There was never a problem and I got picture/email updates with each walk.  As a ‘single parent’ I always felt safe knowing I could count on Justine’s crew to help out.  Stella and I are VERY sad to be leaving the neighborhood.  I know Stella will miss her friends and walker buddies.

Alicia, Stella's Owner.

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Mark and Justine are the best dogwalkers in the world. There is simply no comparison – I wish I did business with more people like them. They respond immediately to texts and last minute requests, send a daily picture and paragraph with what our dog is up to that day, and their payment system is quick and easy. Our dog Ralph loves Mark so much. They are best friends. We are moving to Westchester and we don’t know what we will do without them. I want to bring him to the city just to walk around with Mark all day and play. Go Mark and Justine!! We love you!!

Ali, Ralph's Owner.

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You can definitely trust your pet in the care of Justine and Brooklyn Paws. When she came to meet my cat Mimi before a weekend trip out of town, I could sense her love for animals immediately. Very responsible, communicative, and affordable pet care. I appreciated the text and photo letting me know that Mimi was fed and happy. Highly recommended, and would use Brooklyn Paws for pet sitting services again.

Sherri, Mimi's Owner.

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I met Justine after finding her on Yelp after my previous dog walker had resigned. The minute I met her I felt comfortable and could tell she truly loves animals. She was very professional and prepared with all pertinent paper work. I have a crazy rotating schedule and she is always accommodating to the changes (adding/deleting) walks….weekday, weekends, holidays…she’ll make it work! My Shih Tzu, Romeo, is easy going but can get a little anxious with change. But since Justine started he has been calm and exhausted at night (sign of a good walk). He, also, is more toned/fit as she takes him to Prospect Park a lot. Which is great because he loves the ducks, leaves and other dogs there and I can’t always take him. She, also, sends me a daily photo of my little guy. He always looks so happy and it brightens my day to see him having fun. I would not hesitate in second to recommend Justine and Brooklyn Paws to walk your pup. You’ll be wondering, “What did I ever do without her”?

Leah, Romeo's Owner.

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Seriously, to echo the previous reviews, Justine truly is amazing. I called her out of the blue and she was ridiculously accommodating. We needed her to walk our crazy hound dog literally the next day. Within a couple hours of us talking, she came by, met the pooch, and we gladly handed over our apt keys. In just 5 minutes of our meeting we could tell she was legit and trustworthy enough to handle access to our place and, more importantly, our dog’s livelihood. I’ve never written a full blown review on Yelp but this woman deserves all the praise. If you need your dog walked or if you’re just too god damn lazy sometimes to give Rover a proper run, for the love of God call Justine.

Gary, Libby's Owner

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Justine is amazing. I was new to NYC from Chicago and I can’t believe I found her. She was so great with Pickle-and so accommodating to my horrible retail schedule. I had a dog emergency and she was there immediately to help-which is beyond what a normal dog walker would do. She truly loves dogs and has great customer service. I cannot say enough about her!!

Becky, Pickle's owner.

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I’m so thankful I found Brooklyn Paws after moving to Brooklyn. After the initial meeting with Justine, I knew right away that my dogs would be in good hands. Justine and Mark have been walking my two dogs, Zoe and Ernie, for a year and a half, and I couldn’t have asked for a more caring and responsible team of dog walkers. In addition, they are extremely accommodating when it comes to scheduling. I have had a few emergencies where my traveling plans changed at the last minute, and Brooklyn Paws was there to save the day. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Justine and her team.

I’ve never trusted my dogs with anyone as much as I have trusted them with Brooklyn Paws. Mark is amazing with them. After each walk, I would receive an update with a cute picture of the dogs. If there is something about the dogs that is out of the ordinary, he’d always notice and would let me know right away. That is how I know he really cares about the dogs. Zoe recently had a surgery and required special care during her walk. Mark was great with her and took the time to make sure she received proper care. He takes care of them as if they were his own.

I couldn’t say enough good things about Brooklyn Paws. We are truly lucky to have found them – Great and honest people providing excellent service!

Tinh, Zoe and Ernie's Owner.

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The Brooklyn Paws team has been walking my Great Pyrenees, Sully, for over 6 months. Since day one, Justine and Mike have been nothing but incredibly nice, helpful and accommodating. They will help me out in a pinch, make sure Sully is fed if I have to work late, last minute emergency walks, etc. Sully’s dog walker, Alan, is so nice and amazing with Sully – who is quite the quirky fellow – and couldn’t be more patient and helpful with him. Before moving to this side of BK, we went to another dog walking company in Williamsburg whose service was NOTHING compared to Brooklyn Paws. They sent a different walker each day, there was no daily pictures (highlight of my afternoons!) and you felt like you and your dog were one in a million. With BP you know your dog is in good hands. Highly recommend!

Kelsey, Sully's Owner.

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You can definitely trust your pet in the care of Justine and Brooklyn Paws.  When she came to meet my cat Mimi before a weekend trip out of town, I could sense her love for animals immediately. Very responsible, communicative, and affordable pet care. I appreciated the text and photo letting me know that Mimi was fed and happy. Highly recommended, and would use Brooklyn Paws for petsitting services again.

Sherri, Mimi's Owner

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“Justine is amazing! I called her based on her reviews on yelp, and I’m so glad I did. She watched our kitty, Sasha, over the Christmas holidays, and she texted us the cutest pictures of Sasha playing and running around the apartment. Sasha’s kinda shy, so I was really happy with how quickly she warmed up to Justine. Her prices were also very reasonable without extra cost for the holiday. In addition, I locked myself out of the apartment, and she came by with my keys to let me in within the hour. I highly recommend her services to anyone!”

Colleen, Sasha's Owner.

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The team at Brooklyn Paws is great! They are available, flexible, and very responsive. Mark and Doug are great walkers and always give detailed daily updates and photos on my pup Balan. I really appreciate the care the owners give to the animals, I trust them with my baby!

Kristeen, Balan's Owner.

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I cannot recommend Justine enough!  I recently left the country for 6 weeks and asked Justine to visit, feed, and take care of the litter for my very quirky and shy cat, Lucy.  I got an email with a photo and an update every time she visited, which allowed me to fully enjoy my time away.  Also, she miraculously gained Lucy’s trust, which hardly ever happens, and gives her cat whisperer status in my book

She is trustworthy, organized, responsive, and caring.  Call her!

Leah, Lucy's Owner.

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We’ve trusted Brooklyn Paws with our rescued cattle dog mix, Rogue, for a month now. And Mike has has been wonderful from the beginning. Rogue’s shy when meeting new people but he took the time to allow her to be comfortable around him. Before he left our initial meet and greet, he was able to pet her and get her to do a few tricks for him (this is no easy feat, trust me, my mother-in-law still struggles to get Rogue’s affection).
After every walk Mike will text us how the walk went, along with a couple pictures. He also freshens her water, and makes sure the apt is at a comfortable temperature for her. We haven’t met Justene yet but she’ll often respond to the cute pictures Mike posts on our group chat. With that said, Mike makes it a point to bring trainees or other walkers with him that would potentially walk Rogue if he isn’t available. This was big for us because we didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable every time someone unfamiliar walked in the door.
Overall, Brooklyn Paws is great! They are well connected and versed in their industry and stand up for animal rights. We couldn’t have picked a better group of best friends for Rogue.

DeNea, Rogue's Owner.

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I don’t have enough wonderful things to say about Brooklyn Paws. A neighbor recommended them to me when I first got my pup, Toby, at 8 weeks old. Justine came on a Sunday (the same day I called) to meet him to start his walks on Monday. Since he was so young, she walked him personally for a few weeks until he was old enough to join a group. Since then, they’ve put up with Toby’s (crazy excessive) energy and always took care to find a walker that fit his personality. Every day I get great pictures and updates, and the team always takes care to share any news (anything odd i should be aware of, any trouble Toby got himself into in the apartment) and they always freshen his water and give him a treat. Every team member I’ve met truly loves the dogs like their own.

They are always extremely flexible with scheduling and have always been able to make things work.

After 10 months I was really sad (and nervous) when we had to move and I thought I would have to find a new walker. Instead, Justine went above and beyond to keep Toby on her schedule and make my life easier. I’m so grateful. After reading other reviews of walkers  not being trustworthy, I have never had one bit of worry with Brooklyn Paws or anyone on their team. I couldn’t recommend a service more highly!!!

Neza, Toby's Owner.

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We love Mike and Justine and the team that works at Brooklyn Paws. They send a wonderful (and often entertaining) photo with a detailed and observant update of our dog Dart (who is a black and tan King Charles cavalier and Maltese mix) adventures during walk and/or play time every day so that I can see that he’s being well taken care while I’m at work. They also refill his water bowl and check that all is well with his apartment environment. They are loving caretakers and I’m just really grateful that they take care of Dart as if he were their own – he has been thriving and healthy under their care. They are super responsive to emails and flexible with scheduling (both additions and cancellations) – great communication! – and their online automated payment system is breezy and simple. You can rest assured that your pup will be in great hands with Brooklyn Paws.

Terry, Dart's Owner.

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After adopting my two year old Chiweenie, Lola, I researched a few dog walkers and called Brooklyn Paws after someone in my building referred me. Aside from actually adopting Lola, it was the best decision I could have made!

Justine and her entire team are consummate professionals who loved my little one as if she were their own. They were very flexible and responsive to changes in my schedule and they always sent me the best updates with photos after each of Lola’s walks so I knew she was home safe and happy.

The team at Brooklyn Paws would always go the extra mile for Lola too – if she needed to be fed or if some lights needed to be turned on for her until I could get home, they would always take care of it. To add to the ease and convenience of their services, they also have electronic billing which makes the dog walking experience even more seamless.

I can’t say enough good things about Brooklyn Paws – I just moved from Brooklyn Heights to Jersey City so unfortunately I need to find a new dog walker but if the BK Paws team serviced this area, I would still be using them.

Thank you Brooklyn Paws – Lola and I miss you guys!

Jessica, Lola's Owner.

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Super overdue review but hands down the BEST walking service I’ve ever used. Justine and her team really go above and beyond to ensure your dog gets the best walk and that you KNOW it. One time my dog had a diarrhea incident in her cage while I was gone, and Justine not only notified me of it, but also cleaned up everything FREE of charge – of course I gave her extra tips for this reason alone. They are also super flexible, especially given my frequently changing schedules. You really can’t go wrong with them!

David, Ayumi's Owner.

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When I moved to Brooklyn, one of the most stressful items on my to-do list was to find a solution for daytime dog-care for my 1 year old doggo Andy. My first and last call was to Justine at Brooklyn Paws, and the 2.5 years that followed have been stress-free and a wonderful experience that I am eternally thankful for.

The first consultation was all I needed to feel completely comfortable entrusting my dog with Justine and company. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and my usually-anxious pup was in love with her by the time she left 30 minutes later.

We’ve had a couple different walkers over the course of our 2.5 years here (huge thanks to Mark and Tim), and Andy has developed a deep bond with both. Sometimes we’ll be walking through the Jay St. Metrotech area and she’ll see Mark 200ft away and run to him with more enthusiasm than I thought possible. The walkers truly know and care about the dogs they walk and have always gone to great lengths to keep Andy safe and happy.

From a service perspective, Brooklyn Paws recently moved online to a website that allows you to track when a walker has arrived/departed, and also lets you see the route they walked. You can also request additional services, cancel services, and more through the portal. Our payments are set up to be automatic, and we have never once had a billing or payment issue. It’s an amazingly easy process, with great customer care.

Lastly – when my wife was pregnant, Justine worked with us to arrange for Andy to get from our apartment to her boarding location. The entire thing went off without a hitch when my wife went into labor, saving us a TON of worry and hassle. This is the kind of personal above-and-beyond touch that has left us with such a strong impression of this service and the people behind it.

Honestly, I can’t recommend Brooklyn Paws enough. It’s personal, their scheduling is very easy, their pricing is great, and most importantly Andy loves everyone she’s walked with. Leaving Brooklyn Paws is one of the hardest parts of our move out of state.

Joel, Andy's Owner.

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Our dogs Baxter and Bailey are our children. That’s all there’s to it. So we only want the best for them. And we couldn’t get any better than Brooklyn Paws. Justine has built a dependable, well-run service that keeps dogs and their owners front and center. Baxter and Bailey’s walker Doug is the best. I work from home often and sure, I could easily give the dogs a midday walk, but I feel that they truly benefit from hanging out with Doug. He’s caring, easy-going and they always return relaxed and with smiles on their faces (all three of them!).
When I do leave the house for work I can always rely on their online check-in system to alert me whenever the walks begin and end. I can see a map of their walk, get a report on how “productive” they were, and even get a photo with a clever caption. I mean … come on, who else does this? The best endorsement for Brooklyn Paws and Doug is when we happen to see him at night in the neighborhood. Baxter and (especially) Bailey get so excited to see him, that’s five paws – I mean, stars – right there. You can’t go wrong with Brooklyn Paws.


Luis, Baxter and Bailey's Owner.

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We looked long and hard for the perfect dog walkers to take care of our little girls. Justine and Peat at Brooklyn Paws were so incredible. They are extremely attentive and caring. Our girls absolutely loved them and made all the difference for us.  Our work lives were so much better, knowing they were taking care of the girls.  I looked forward to my daily pic of the girls and updates of what they did.  I wish I could pack them up and take them with us to our new city. Truly the best dog walkers we’ve ever had! It was an amazing experience and we will definitely miss them now that we’re back n the West Coast.

Ron, Trixy and Lola's Owner.

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Brooklyn Paws is by far the best dog-walking company in the area.  Justine is an absolute pleasure to work with and Mark is an amazing dog walker.  Our pup Chloe goes crazy every time she sees them and they take wonderful care of her.  They are extremely organized, always give you daily updates with pictures, prompt with timely responses, and very accommodating whenever an unexpected walk arises, day or evening.  Their prices are the best in the area, and their service is too.  Highly Recommended!!

Anton, Chloe's Owner.

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Justine has walked our rescue pit since we first got her 5 years ago. She took great care of our dog on weekly walks or longer stints while we were away. When we moved further away, she still made herself available when possible and connected us with a reliable new walker. Highly recommend her and her growing company.

Leital, Nala's Owner.

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